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2013 was a year of gearing up for the biggest feature of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) — open enrollment for individuals, families, and small businesses.

The 2010 law required that people without health insurance sign up for coverage in 2014 (known as the “individual mandate”) or pay a penalty in 2015 for being uninsured.

During 2013 and the first half of 2014, the foundation worked to educate the public, engage community-based partners in outreach to the uninsured, promote Access Health CT (the state’s health insurance exchange) as a resource for people looking for health plans, and advocate for consumer interests.

Foundation activities included:

  • Worked in 2011 to craft the law which created the state’s health insurance exchange, Access Health CT.
  • Served as consumer-friendly panelists in numerous Healthy Chats (public forums) sponsored by Access Health CT.
  • Worked with the CT Library Consortium to develop an ACA workshop for reference librarians, which resulted in the Foundation training 280 librarians in 9 regional workshops.
  • Launched an interactive ACA workshop for the general public, non-profit organizations, and the small business community. This was offered at 30 libraries.
  • Monitored the roll-out of Access Health CT’s first enrollment effort, which included advocacy to make sure there were resources for in-person support for individuals shopping for health plans and that the cost, quality, and design of health plans offered on the exchange took consumer interests into account.
  • Convened allied organizations — community, advocacy, faith, public health, and labor unions — that were involved in doing outreach and enrollment. This allowed the Foundation to share information, leverage resources, and collect real-time feedback on outreach and enrollment efforts.
  • Connected with state, regional, and national networks of organizations involved in the ACA enrollment effort.

See the impact the ACA had on this woman: