CT HC Survey


The Connecticut Health Care Survey (CTHCS) provides an important baseline of Connecticut residents’ experiences with insurance coverage and care, prior to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. A collaborative of six health funders banded together to fund the CTHCS.

Surveys of over 4,600 adults and 800 children were conducted from June 2012 through February 2013.

The funding partners developed a set of policy briefs, each focusing on aspects of the findings connected to their priorities. The overall findings were collaboratively released in a public forum on WNPR, moderated by John Dankosky, titled, “How Healthy is Connecticut?

The Foundation’s brief, Access to Coverage and Care: Targeting Implementation of the Affordable Care Act to Improve Health in Connecticut, focused on how even residents with health insurance coverage faced barriers to receiving care.

The other funders who supported the survey were:

 See some highlights from the report. Click on the images to enlarge: