Greetings! Welcome to our biennial report for 2013 and 2014.

fgpadilla_0066 (1)Change is the only constant in pursuit of the Foundation’s mission.  During these two years, we continued to be a catalyst for universal access to affordable and quality health care, and improved health in Connecticut.

With your partnership and support in 2013 and 2014, the Foundation was able to:

  • Launch “Reform to Transform,” a series of public forums exploring our current assumptions about health and health care. We aim to shift collective thinking and move our state from reforming what we currently have to transforming it.
  • Conduct workshops across the state educating diverse consumers about the Affordable Care Act, its opportunities and its flaws, and about how to enroll in health coverage.
  • As part of the Connecticut Health Funders Survey Collaborative of six major health funders, establish a baseline on the status of Connecticut residents’ access to care and coverage prior to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. We also created a funding collaborative to independently evaluate the early consumer experience with enrollment
  • Weigh in on and track trends in hospital consolidations, acquisitions and nonprofit conversion. We educated ourselves and our partners on the impact of these trends on access, cost and quality, as well as the fiscal condition of Connecticut hospitals, so that we could all advocate more effectively on these issues.

Check out our biennial report for more on the Foundation’s results these past two years.

And there is much work ahead. Coverage today does not guarantee coverage tomorrow. High premium and out of pocket costs, and the hostile attitude in Congress toward the ACA can make coverage insecure.

We are proud of our state’s standing nationally.  Connecticut is pursuing practice transformation, quality improvement, and payment reform through the state innovation model, yet disturbing hospital trends fly in the face of change.  Cuts to critical safety net health programs to address budget deficits threaten those living on the edge in our state.

We must become more effective in Connecticut at an aligned, synergistic and accountable approach to population health and health system planning. We must ensure that the good health of our residents is a targeted result, not a lucky coincidence.

That’s transformation.