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Universal Health Care Foundation and CHART began a major effort in 2013 to engage the public and thought leaders about the dysfunctions of our current health care system and to inform the debate about possible solutions. We named this effort Reform to Transform (R2T) to illustrate the need to move beyond health reform toward health system transformation.

Drowning in Health Care Costs: All Hands on Deck

The first forum was held October 28, 2013, and featured a moderated conversation with Steven Brill, author of the Time Magazine article, “The Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Killing Us.”

Brill’s thought-provoking article propelled the issue of high health care costs and price variability to the forefront of the public debate.

Joining Brill was Patrick Charmel, CEO of Griffin Hospital, a community hospital that is committed to an innovative, patient-centered model of care. Also participating was Kevin Lembo, state comptroller, who helped bring the perspective of a large payer — the state employees’ health plan.

Susan Campbell, former Hartford Courant columnist, moderated the panel.

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 Healing Health Care: Curing the System of Overuse, Underuse and Misuse

The second forum took place on March 18, 2014. It focused on the overuse, underuse and misuse of medical care, and featured a keynote address by Shannon Brownlee.

An internationally known writer and health policy expert, Brownlee is best known for her groundbreaking book, Overtreated: Why Too Much Medicine is Making us Sicker and Poorer.

A panel of health care providers, the state’s health care advocate, Victoria Veltri, a professor emeritus, Doctor Stephen Smith, and a certified nurse-midwife, Pamela Delerme, responded to the provocative issues Brownlee raised.

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 Empowering Consumers: Strengthening Our Voice To Transform Health Care

On October 21, 2014, the third program explored how we can develop informed, effective consumers and advocates to use their collective power to transform health care for the better — toward a quality, affordable, person and community-centered system focused on health.

It was an educational and motivational event for participants, as well as a working session that informed the Foundation’s consumer engagement work going forward.

The panel included:

  • Rachel Grob, Director of National Initiatives at University of Wisconsin’s Center for Patient Partnerships (Moderator)
  • Ted Rooney, Project Leader for Maine’s Aligning Forces for Quality initiative
  • Shawn Lang, Director of Public Policy at AIDS Connecticut
  • Eva Bermudez, Organizer, Connecticut State Employees Association Service Employees International Union Local 2001
  • Lorenzo Jones, Executive Director of A Better Way Foundation

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