Kim Carrington, Accounting & HR Associate*

Adam Chiara, Communications Associate**

Stephanye ClarkeAdvocacy Communications Fellow**

Linda Dahlmeyer, Vice President for Finance & Administration*

Janet Davenport, Vice President for Communications* 

David Desiderato, Field Organizer*

Carole DicksExecutive Assistant

Lola Elliott-Hugh, Senior Aide to the President*

Rosana GarciaPolicy Associate**

Lynne Ide, Director of Program and Policy 

Meshie Knight, Policy Associate*

Angela Lomanto, Vice President for Development & Partnerships*

Frances G. Padilla, President 

Cheryl SellarsFinance Officer**

Kimberly Sessions, Communications and Media Specialist*

Alice Straight, Communications Officer*

Jill ZornSenior Policy Officer



Max Friedman**

Jenny Woodcock


*Left Foundation in 2013 or 2014
**Joined Foundation in 2014